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Dove by Warren

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Treasure Island Art Guild (TI-AG) website. This website has been developed to better communicate with members and guests of TI-AG and the general public. It is designated as a non commercial website focusing on art and communication.
  • Question:What is the deadline to get an article into a monthly Newsletter?

    Answer: The Art Guild has a newsletter on this website. The website newsletter tries to cover things that start at the beginning of the month. To do this the plan is to release the website newsletter a week before the month starts. So, sending an article two weeks before the new month is ideal. If you are running late let us know and see if we can adjust a little.

  • Question: How do I submit information to be included on the website?

    Answer: Information to be uploaded to the website must be sent via email (see email addresses below), ready to be transferred directly to the website. This information must be brief and clearly stated so that the general public can understand the message. Messages relating primarily to members should be sent out via private emails, or placed in the "Monthly Newsletter" only.

  • Question: Can I display my website or other art organizations websites and activities on this TI-AG website?

    Answer: Please keep in mind that the Policy of this TI-AG website is that it is a “non commercial” website where advertising websites that sell artwork or places to purchase art supplies or members private websites or other art organizations news or websites, for example are not permitted on this site.

  • Question: Because the TI-AG website is “non commercial” can it talk about money?

    Answer: Yes! Anything to do with the normal operations of TI-AG such as asking for donations, displaying the price of membership, and prize monies, putting artists names next to art work are all considered non commercial use and are acceptable on this website.

  • Question: What does the website administrator do?

    Answer: The website administrator assists the Art Guild members to produce a website that reflects the Art Guild’s unique personality and character. Our web administrator inputs website contributions from our members. Members should endeavor to produce contributions already typed, with the graphics preferably color corrected and as finished as possible. Remember always send text & graphics (photo’s) separately.

  • Please email contributions for the Monthly Website Newsletter

    Please email things to do with the actual website itself to:

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