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Ruth Wedgwood Philipon

Art Guild Shows & Meetings, Schedule

To view the Shows & Meetings Schedule just "click here " . You can also print out a copy.

This schedule is being updated from time to time so check back for the latest revision.

General rules for all Painting Exchanges:

1. Must be a Current Member, unless otherwise noted on the Schedule.

2. No Nudes.

3. Do not re-enter a painting that has previously won at the TI Art Guild.

4. No painting older than 2 years.

5. Painting must be properly framed, and must be wired for hanging.

"Painting Exchange Date" is where paintings to be exhibited are brought in and previous "show" paintings are picked up.

"Painting Exchange " will take place in Treasure Island City Hall, from 9am till 12 noon, on the dates shown on the schedule.

General Membership "Meeting & Show" times

Except for special events, meetings start at 1pm in the Treasure Island City Hall, on the dates shown above. These meeting normally includes an art demonstration. The meetings are free and the public are invited.

Art Guild Board meetings are the same day as the "Painting Exchange Date " dates shown on the schedule starting at 1pm in the Treasure Island City Hall

Members & Guests are always welcome to all and any of the Art Guild Meetings & workshops.

Painting Workshop schedules are shown on a separate webpage:
Where do we meet to do art.

A Gentle (but firm) Reminder!!

We ask that you kindly turn off your cell phones when attending Treasure Island Art Guild activities.

Also, it is critical that you not linger in the rear of the room or in the kitchen chatting while our demonstrators are engaged.

If you are not going to stay for the presentations, we ask that you leave quietly & quickly so as not to disturb those who wish to participate.



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